Sikh Empire By Vik Kainth

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SIKH EMPIRE | MAHARAJA DULEEP SINGH & SOPHIA ALEXANDRA DULEEP SINGH | I spent a great deal of time to depict something truly special. Father and Daughter, Continuing the importance of females in Sikh history. Here we have Maharaja Duleep Singh, stood beside his third daughter, Sophia. Maharaja Duleep was the son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh (Founder of the Sikh Empire. Duleep had been taken from the Sikh Empire to the British Raj, and was subsequently exiled to England. Princess Sophia, his daughter (1 of 10 children) holds a prominent stature in Sikh history as she was one of several Indian women who pioneered women's rights in Britain. Sophia also participated in many women's suffrage groups, making an important stand for female rights during the early twentieth century.